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Photo Tour: PATTON

Mike Hansen and George Patton Waters depart limo.

Military re-enactors in theatre lobby.

Personal effects of General George S. Patton on display in theatre lobby. Boots, hairbrushes, coats, and other miscellaneous items never before displayed publicly were seen by hundreds of attendees!!

L to R: Bruce Crawford, George Patton Waters, Bob Coate.

George Patton Waters addresses the excited audience with personal memories of his famous grandfather.

Webmaster Christopher Cooke stands with the original movie poster to the Patton film. He really enjoyed the evening's presentation!

L to R: Bruce Crawford, George Patton Waters, Mike Hansen, Bob Coate, Gerry Greeno and Tami Crawford after the screening of  PATTON. George Patton Waters is the grandson of the famous WW2 General.




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